The Inferior Nature of Taxpayer Education

How is the quality of education improved?

There is only one way improving the quality, availability and cost of any economic good and that is through the voluntary interaction between of individual suppliers and individual consumers.

Consequently, the only way to improve the quality of education, while simultaneously increasing the availability and decreasing the cost is to let individuals make their own consumer choices.

The truth of this axiom is challenged by promoters of bad economics who desire to control others choices using the non-sensical sophism “the greater good”.  There is no such thing as “the greater good”.  It is a cover for many will benefit and many will suffer.

We live in a world of limited resources.  Man’s desire for “more” will always outstrip the factors of produce (natural resources, labor and ingenuity). Hence, the impossible state of “enough” for those who desire to forcibly take resources from individuals and apply them to their own desires.  Those demanding tax payer funded education will never be satisfied.  There will never be enough funding for education outside of confiscating all wealth and using it for education.

In light of the limited resources available, how does a market system, based upon the voluntary interaction between supplier and consumer work better than taxpayer funded education?

First, individual choice.  Individuals, the parents,  will decide the nature of the child’s education.  Other individuals, the educators, will offer the service.  The voluntary interacation will establish the statisfaction of multiple demands at various levels of quality and price.  Compared to the monolithic taxpayer funded system, a market based system will generate alternatives that were previously unimagineable.

This is the nature of the unhampered market.  More supply at multiple price points, locations avialable, time the service will be rendered, who will provide the service etc.  The taxpayer funded education system can not even hope to offer as much choice.  Why?  Because there is no unhampered, voluntary interacation between consumers and suppliers.

Taxpayer funded education is not controled by consumers, it is controled by federal, state, county and local governement.  These entities have no vested intereset in the success or failure of taxpayer funded education other than the hopes of being re-elected to office. A market based system rewards those who meet needs.

The cost of education, the location where it will be offered, when it will be offered, by whom it will be offered and what will be offered are not controled by the demand of the consumer in the taxpayer funded systerm.   They are controled by individual politicians, or school board/corporation members decisions.  While input maybe sought from indvidual parents, there is no mechanism available for those concerns to be realized.

Under a market based system, edcuation would be as diverse as the population it serves, with the limitation of its economic availability.

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