Fundamentals of Economics

Essay#11 Nimrod “Mighty Hunter In/Upon the Earth”

Nimrod is characterized in Genesis 10:8 and in I Chronicles 4:10 in the same way, “he began to be a mighty one in the earth” in Genesis 10:5 and “he began to be a mighty one upon the earth” in I Chronicles 4:10.

The english word mighty is translated from over twenty different Hebrew words according to Strong’s concordance.  The Hebrew word ghib-bore is the word most frequently translated as mighty.  It is used in connection with both Nimrod and God.  Powerful, by implication, warrior, tyrant – champion, cheif, giant man, mighty man, strong man, valiant man is how Strong’s defines ghib-bore.

A cursersy examination of mighty used to describe God shows that the two Hebrew words used are ghib-bore and El o heem.  El o heem being recognized by most bible students as “supreme God”.

It should not surprise the bible Christian that the ghib-bore would be used to describe our God.  He is exactly what all the adjectives say He is and the other nouns that are compared to him fit his character.  We should take note and highlight one of the nouns because it is crucial to our understanding of Nimrod.

God is compared to a tyrant.  Without any difficulty,  I can name many 20th century tyrants.  These are men who have used their power to force individuals into bondage.  They are cruel, heartless men with no regard for humanity or the God who has reconciled humanity to Himself through Jesus Christ.  They reject the savior and God’s word to glorify themselves through the building of their own civilization, where they are worshipped as a god.

Why would God be compared to a tyrant, when the tyrants we know are such evil individuals and wicked in their actions?  The comparison is one of power, not of chracter.  The power the earthly tyrants use is comparable, albeit miniscule, compared to the power of God.  The real difference though is in their character.

Jehovah, El o heem, our God knows no sin.  He is holy, pure, righteous and justice.  Infinite in wisdom, power and glory yet merciful and gracious to his creation.

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

It is hard for me to control my emotions when I consider the nature of God and my fallen nature, especially in light of Romans 5:8.  I sincerely hope and actually beg you who are reading this to consider yourself in light of scripture.  You are a sinner, all of humanity is comprised of individual sinners.  Your sin seperates you from God and there is nothing that you can do to earn His eternal love and favor.  Stop trying!!!  You can not help enough little, old ladies across the street to merit God’s love.  You must recieve the gift of salvation and then my friend, you will want to help as many little, old ladies across the street that you can, because you will want to tell them about Jesus.

Nimrod is the anthesis of Jehovah.  Nimrod is a fallen, base and rebellious individual.  He is a sinner, who uses his tryannical power to lead a rebellion against God.  He is the model for the world we live in today and the reality of the world that Moses and the children of Israel where to face.

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