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Approaching Jericho

God has given the nation Israel all they need to “be fruitful, multiple, replenish and subdue”.  To mankind the principles of production (intellect, property and labor)  and the foundation of civil authority that secures the liberty to use the principles were given.  He has given them the Law that expanded their knowledge of God and […]

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“Catch and Release” Has New Meaning

Pima County Arizona has a new twist on “catch and release”. Instead of fish, criminals will now be “caught and released” at the taxpayer’s expense.  Under the guise of fiscal responsibility, Pima County taxpayers will now pay the bond for individuals arrested for specific crimes.  Instead of the individual arrested, or their agent (bail bonds […]


Essay #12 Nimrod “Might Hunter In/Upon the Earth” Part III

What do we know about Nimrod?  First, he is a sinner.  After the fall of man, there are only two types of humans; sinners and sinners who found grace in God’s eyes. After falling from their estate, God promised to Adam and Eve, that He would  “And I will put enmity between thee and the […]